After a double whammy of two nor-easters in 7 days, Tankfarm’s propane suppliers have been working like crazy to keep the propane flowing to our members. This has meant very long hours at the office, including weekends. It has meant scrambling and calling in favors to get hold of limited supply. And it has meant driving trucks and vans to provide fuel and emergency service in extremely dangerous road conditions.

This is what the proud members of the propane industry do year after year. They know that delivering propane isn’t just for their customer’s comfort- it is for the personal safety of their families. When the temperature is below freezing, and the power is out- propane can be the difference between safety and danger.

We are proud to work with our partner propane suppliers and are extremely grateful to all the dedicated women and men who put their personal comfort and safety on the line to keep the rest of us safe. Please join us in saying thank you to them.